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About Us


80teas is a tea retail store based in Ei city Japan.  

Ei city is in southern Kagoshima prefecture. 

EI city has the biggest Green tea farmer land in Kagoshima.


80teas represent teas that come from Kagoshima prefecture.

80teas was founded in 2021 with the idea of solving the cause of high tea Prices to end-users and for end-users to have the ability to buy high quality Green tea from local tea farmers across Kagoshima prefecture with affordable fair prices. 


With Our years of experience in the tea business, We understand that the main cause of high tea prices is packages.


The idea of 80teas is to cut off expensive packages, most expensive packages have a very bad impact on our Ecosystem. Packaging teas in 100g creates more packages that have bad impacts to our ecosystem and makes each tea product expensive. 


80teas new idea to offer bulk teas products from 300g,500g and 1kg to end-users at an affordable price will help cut down use of packages that have a bad impact on our ecosystem. and it will gives end-users the chance to enjoy high quality Japanese green tea, without been worried about high cost. 


Kagoshima prefecture has the largest Green tea cultivation area in Japan. 

Kagoshima is very rich with nature.

Kagoshima Green tea cultivation started in the early 14th century​.

​Kagoshima land has bountiful soil and longer daylight with a warmer climate that's suitable for Green tea cultivation. 

​In Kagoshima Green tea farms harvest tea yearly. 

We have First year Green tea harvest of the season (Ichiban-cha一番茶). Second Green tea harvest of the season and Third Green tea harvest.

Our first Green tea harvest starts April yearly. It is the traditional beginning of the first year Green tea harvest. The (April) Spring warm weather gives Green tea farmers across Kagoshima Prefecture the opportunity to start harvesting Green tea leaves. 

The April season produces the amount of fog and coolness between the mountain and the farm that is naturally needed to create a natural curtain that blocks the sunlight which helps to increase the sweetness in Green tea leaves.

That gives farmers the benefit to produce a fine great Green tea taste, with natural Aroma and Natural green color.  


Our mission

We founded 80teas with one goal in mind: To provide a very high-quality, smart, and reliable online Kagoshima tea store. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts, and strive to make the entire shopping experience as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!  




We have devoted traditional high skilled tea masters that specialize in rarefying tea qualities across Kagoshima cities. 


Kagoshima tea  has a great complimentary bittersweet taste. 

It has the same health benefits found in other types of Green tea and it has high levels of Antioxidant, Catechin, Amino acid, and Fluoride. 

Enjoy Kagoshima Green tea as orthodox Japanese drinking lifestyle.

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